• Getting ready to travel to Vancouver. Always have to remind myself that yes, different COUNTRY than Seattle, take passport. #
  • Losing a baby at 6 months is not a miscarriage (http://tinyurl.com/2apaurt). There's a birth certificate, explanations, and a grave. I know. #
  • Packing for the Laing Lectures: http://tinyurl.com/2779xxc. #
  • On my way to Dulles. Filled with usual pre-trip certainty that I HAVE FORGOTTEN TO DO SOMETHING IMPORTANT. #
  • I have not forgotten something. I have not forgotten something. I have not forgotten something… #
  • It's 7:30 AM and PITCH BLACK in Vancouver. Guess I'll wait a bit longer to go for a run… #
  • OOH! I can see English Bay! #
  • OK, I did forget something. Actually, quite a few things. I brought the "all" but forgot the "sundries." Might make dressing tricky. #
  • OK, Vancouverites, I'm getting a free morning on Friday. What's the one place I should visit and the one restaurant I should eat at? #
  • Last night's lecture seemed to go over well; Lecture #2 at 11:30 today. #
  • Today's lectures finished. Great crowd: welcoming, responsive, attentive. Great city. Good week. #
  • In the United lounge at O'Hare. Halfway home! #
  • I. HATE. PEOPLE-MOVERS. Doesn't matter how much time you save flying into Dulles, the people-mover will EAT it. #
  • Home and semi-awake. Love the extra hour (now that the kids are older, anyway). #
  • Arrgghh. Vancouver may have killed me <<moves heating pad>><<considers standing up>><<changes mind>> #

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  • Heather

    I’m sorry for your loss, Susan.

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