• Happy 14th birthday to Dan! #
  • Tonight: DS14: "Man, Napoleon got PONED at Waterloo–" DD10, shrieking: "Don't tell me what happens before I read it! You'll ruin the end!" #
  • I just want to thank you ALL for teaching me to spelling "pwned." I'm sure I will use it often. As in, "Timur PWNED Isfahan in 1387!" #
  • I'm going to blame all misspellings this week on the enormous BANDAGE on my finger. Am sure my copyeditor at Norton might differ… #
  • If a doctor's office tells you to arrive at 6:30, the doctor himself should arrive before 8:30. Just saying. #
  • New Well-Trained Mind blog post: College admissions: is early decision a good idea? http://tinyurl.com/24f49el. #
  • Feeding seagulls on the Jamestown-Scotland ferry. #

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  • evelyn

    We’re doing the third year this year, and I was just wondering what book your sons are reading about Napoleon? We’ll be hitting him in history soon.
    And just in case you don’t get told this often enough (which I’m sure you do) my whole family LOVES SOTW and WTM! Thank you so much for all your hard work to make it easier on the rest of us who would have had no clue how to go about educating our children!

  • Christina

    My kids love feeding the birds on the ferry. I have to confess, I stay in the vehicle at all times (they will certainly poop on me) (the birds, not the kids).
    We’ll probably be on that ferry around Thanksgiving. 🙂

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