• Monday night football, mustard-honey chicken wings, homemade five-cheese ravioli w/fried sage. Now if Patriots would just get it together… #
  • Whatever genius designed the UVA parent interface appears to have decided that we don't really need to know HOW much we owe. Sheesh. #
  • I could design a better tuition and fees page for UVA in an evening, and I was an English major. #
  • This weekend will require the synchronization and organization of a major medieval military offensive. (At least I know a lot about those.) #
  • Sigismund, king of Germany 1410-1437: "Ego sum rex Romanorum et super grammaticam" ("I am the king of the Romans and above grammar"). #
  • DS19 home for fall break. House is happier now. #
  • Getting ready for a concentrated writing week. #

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  • Terry

    Hi Susan,

    Interested to hear more about your son’s journey to UVA. How did you all decide? Did you have to do anything special before he applied? Is he there on a scholarship? Did you consider community colleges? I will be going through the whole high school/college transition and would love to hear how you guys handled it.

  • Christina

    I have a question. I looked on the internet before I came bothering you, but…I did not find a good answer. I wondered how you choose between “toward” and “towards” and the like (backward vs. backwards, etc. Is there an etc.?) Anyway, I noticed on your blog that you have used the word “towards” in a post, but in your workbook for HOW 3 in one of the map sections the instructions say to draw an arrow “toward” so-and-so. I normally wouldn’t have noticed, but the issue was on my mind recently and I wondered if there was a reason for one in one place and the other in another place. I think I read somewhere it depended on if it were followed by a word that started with a vowel or not. Well, if you have a moment (hahaha, funny, huh?) and wouldn’t mind sharing from your wealth of information (you are actually my hero) I would so appreciate it! Thank you!

  • Kimberly

    Love your history books – are you working on any books that relate only to US history in your storytelling format?

    Thanks for your dedication to teaching others. I feel blessed by your work.

  • Heather

    I’m reading a book right now and wondered if you’ve come across it. If not, I thought you might be interested in it. It’s titled “Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative” and it’s by Carl Trueman. I hope you’re accomplishing a lot on your writing sabbatical. 🙂

  • Shelli

    Hi Susan,

    We use all of your wonderful curriculum and my seven year old daughter is on her second year of WWE (level 3).

    Her eight year old brother is putting together a large Star Wars Lego project and she decided to write a story about the mini figures she was playing with.

    Below is exactly what she wrote. There are a few errors, but for a seven year old, I think it’s a testimony to WWE. Also, she felt comfortable enough to do this all on her own.

    The Laughing Storm Trooper

    Once apon a time, there lived a Storm Trooper. The Trooper lived in Darth Vader’s house. The Storm Trooper, who’s name was Tyk, got into an escape pod and went into a different planet! At Darth Vader’s house, Mouse Droid told Darth Vader how Tyk had escaped, and why. So, Darth Vader went to the planet and got Tyk and the escape pod. But, Tyk jumped off Darth Vader’s “MAGIC CARPET”, back onto the planet! Darth Vader told The Sith about it, and Darth Vader went back to the planet, got Tyke, and grabed him by the throat, all the way home. When Darth Vader got home, … (to be continued)

    She plans to continue her story this week. Thank you for all you do!

  • Kristina

    I knew I really did love you. I thought it was the invaluable debt I have to you for helping me homeschool my kids with Well-Trained Mind. Or maybe the beautiful writer my daughter is becoming with Writing with Ease. But now I know it is because you like the Patriots.

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