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  • Joana

    Hi Susan, I’m a fifteen years old girl from Brazil. I was looking for some pictures from “Robin Hood” the movie, and so I found a photo that comes from your website. When I saw the tittle “The History of Whole World” my eyes began to shine! I absolutely LOVE history and I want to be a Teacher of this subject, the most important of all. I always try to find someone that is like what I want to be when I grow up, and don’t now if you’re but now I’m just wishing more than ever to travel around the world, looking to your travel photos made me think about many things. Congratulations for you, I don’t now if you consider that a victory but it would be for me. I’m not able to travel right now, you might know, money is always the problem, but I now that someday I’ll realize my dream!
    Kisses Susan.
    P.S. My eyes also started to shine when I saw that you’re a writer and that you’ve wrote a book about the Medieval Times. Oh my GOSH! I’ll try to order this as soon as I can!

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