• Orson Scott Card, thanks for the shout-out: http://tinyurl.com/262fn3e. (Scroll down. It was a faint shout-out.) #
  • The day is cold, and dark, dreary/It rains, and the wind is never weary. (But we LIKE the rain, Mr. Longfellow.) #
  • Writing all day today. #
  • Drove through foot-deep water in five separate places on my way home last night. #
  • At the State Fair. LOVE the State Fair. #
  • Have been here ten minutes and am already dusted with powdered sugar (funnel cake + brisk breeze). #
  • At the pig races. Again. #
  • People wear the most extraordinary things to the State Fair. #
  • I may never eat again. #
  • FarmAid 2010: Willie Nelson and Dave Matthews singing Gravedigger. One of the times I wish I could talk in music instead of just words. #

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  • Yabusame

    Sometimes, coincidences occur that are just too freaky. The reason I think the universe is trying to make me laugh? Well, I recently finished ‘History of the Medieval World’ and all year I have been slowly working my way through the ‘Alvin Maker’ series by Oscar Scott Card too. In fact I’m reading book 4 in that series at the moment.

    Anyway, you can imagine my surprise to see Card mentioned on this blog so I felt compelled to post a comment.

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