• My head is full of fourteenth-century German kings and non-restrictive clauses and SAT prep classes and uncleaned stalls. #
  • My head is full of papal monarchies and Augustinian dichotomies, Postman and McLuhan, outlining exercises and home-made pasta. #
  • I seem to be adrift in a sea of sloppy thinking. Doesn't anyone study logic any more? #
  • Multiple anecdotes do not an argument make. #
  • Happy seventeenth birthday, Ben! #
  • Baking anniversary/birthday cake and watching news. Very weird day in U.S. politics. Fortunately, can improve mood by eating more frosting. #
  • We have too many dogs. #

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  • JohnH

    According to the laws of internet debate, the singular form of the word ‘data’ is anecdote. 🙂

  • Lucy Watson

    You said, “Multiple anecdotes do not an argument make.”

    But … what do you make of the adage “Experience is never at the mercy of an argument”?

    I had to ask. 🙂

  • Young Joh

    I am a 6th grade student from south korea, reading `the story of the world’ volume2(the middle ages) and I found a mistake.
    On page 81 in the picture, the sea next to korea should be `east sea’ not `sea of japan’.

  • Susan

    You are a careful reader! You should also know that there are differing opinions about this matter. It is always important to distinguish a “mistake” from “an interpretation I disagree with.” I have heard from both Korean and Japanese readers about this map. Do you think they agree?

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