This was a big week for life events: we delivered Christopher to his freshman year at college, and Ben turned seventeen.

The college trip came first…after a last goodbye from the youngest.

(Wait, one last visit from the brain-sucker…)


Picking up dorm keys…

And moving in.

Right after I took that picture, Pete and I realized that two perfectly healthy young men, aged eighteen and nineteen, were completely capable of unpacking and organizing all their own stuff. So we left and went out for a great lunch and a movie. Just the two of us. All alone.

And then back home to give Ben his much-anticipated birthday present.

“Wait, I know I can get this thing louder…”

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  • Krissi

    Thanks for sharing your pics!! Especially like that you have a book house (wouldn’t have expected it to be different), but it warms my heart. Encylopedias, too. No-they’re not obsolete because we have Wikieverything. Paleeeease!!

  • Christina

    What a week!
    And I think it’s impressive that you guys dropped off and left for lunch! Although…after this last year, UVA probably feels like your backyard. 🙂
    And looking at the pictures of the guitar reminds me of the picture you posted of someone in the field on the drums…unfortunately no electricity out that far. But that is one cool birthday present.

  • Lee

    We took our oldest to College this week as well. Not sure if it is different with girls than boys, but we did stick around for a day to go to Church with her and make sure she was all set. All you can do is hope you raised them right. Thanks for sharing. Interesting to see the inside lives of someone you have read.

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