• DS13, back in the house after gathering eggs: "A big snake was strangling one of the chickens. I whacked it with a shovel until it let go." #
  • Embarking on the Fifth Crusade this morning. #
  • If the kids make any more noise, my head might just split open like a ripe cantaloupe. #
  • Today's fun fact: Conrad IV of Germany was also Conrad I of Jerusalem & Conrad II of Sicily. Because just one name would be way too simple. #
  • Simultaneously reading "You Are Not a Gadget" and "The Book in the Renaissance"-2 pages of one, 2 pages of other. Fascinating juxtaposition. #
  • Remember that snake that Dan found wrapped around the chicken? Ben just caught it. And brought all 6 feet of snake up for us to see. #
  • Running this morning: it's starting to look like fall. Corn is full of morning glories, river mist in ribbons all across the fields. #
  • Getting ready to drive Christopher & all his stuff to UVA. Way easier than putting him on a plane to South Africa. #
  • Christopher all installed in his dorm. Now he can start learning to say things like "The Lawn" and "I'm a First Year" and "The University." #

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  • Suzanne Bryan Brock

    Don’t forget “The Grounds” and “Final Exercises,” though I guess he’s got a few years before that last one.

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