• Home at 3 AM. Tip for United: When reason next to "Delayed" on notice board is "Late aircraft," that doesn't really answer our questions. #
  • I think late-night flying has killed off a few brain cells that I actually needed. #
  • Getting ready to do an online seminar at 12:30. This one has a video feed. Guess I should put on lip gloss. #
  • Going off the grid to write. I hope. #
  • Perseid meteor shower hidden by clouds. Boo. #
  • Heading home from Eastern Shore wedding where DH was officiant & I was default Mistress of Ceremonies. OK, bridesmaids, GO NOW… #
  • To car ahead of us in Hampton Roads tunnel: if you hit your brakes again, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you. #
  • Back home. Shiny. #
  • When naptime is your favorite time of the day, you're either under the age of one or over the age of forty. #

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  • Gordon

    Re: United’s status message. A great example of what I call the “expert syndrome”. Anyone who works for an airline knows that such a delay is because the airplane that will be taking you away is late in arriving. I can see how from the guest’s standpoint it looks like a “no, duh” momemt–of course the delayed flight is a “late aircraft”.
    Oh, the importance of context and communicating so our intended audience receives the message we intend to send.

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