• Fresh pasta experiment: sage tortellini with ricotta & mozzarella filling, served with browned butter. DS13 SNARFED them, vacuum-like. #
  • Release date for The History of the Medieval World! (Book's been shipping for weeks, but today's the OFFICIAL pub day=good excuse to party.) #
  • "When in trouble or in doubt/Run in circles, scream and shout." Turns into my motto every time I start getting stuff together for taxes. #
  • Tomorrow, leaving for Atlanta with DH for two nights. Today, making up schedules for kids to follow EVERY MINUTE of EVERY HOUR we're gone. #
  • Planning out interlocking kid schedules for next three days is more complicated than organizing major land war with multiple fronts. #
  • Scrolling message on gas station pump tonight: "How was your day? We hope it gets better soon!" Sounds like answer has been predetermined. #
  • Husband is currently getting the heck screened out of him at Richmond International. #
  • Just arrived in Atlanta. Plane bounced so hard that flight attendant thanked us for dropping in. #
  • At Hyatt in downtown Atlanta. VERY SCARY elevators. Also enormous hanging lobby sculpture like spider descending onto our heads.. #
  • Getting ready to talk about "Learning for a Lifetime in the Classical Tradition" at Heritage Prep School's "Lectures in the City" (Atlanta). #
  • Planning on the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta this morning. Any recommendations for a fabulous lunch place nearby? #
  • So far have not eaten a single meal in Atlanta that arrived in a timely manner. Every restaurant: long wait, server not making eye contact. #
  • Heading to the Atlanta aquarium this morning. #
  • Sitting in the Delta lounge, waiting to catch flight home. Loved Atlanta, don't want to live there. #
  • The History of the Medieval World featured at the Page 99 Test: http://tinyurl.com/ylzf3h2. #
  • College aid forms: Just submitted financial info to feds via FAFSA. Fail to see why I should submit it again to for-profit College Board. #
  • There is a special place in hell for the bureaucrats who designed college aid forms. And for the techies who designed their web interfaces. #

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  • susan t

    OT Williamsburg question… if we are going there just to shop and eat, do we need to purchase a pass? BTDT a few years ago with the pass….

    Agreeing with you about FAFSA…

  • Ellen

    Glad you loved Atlanta. It’s actually not a bad place to live. 🙂 Also, you are spot on about bureaucrats and college financial aid forms. Dante should have created a circle just for them. I remember my dad saying he spent so much time and effort filling out multiple forms only to receive a letter saying, in effect, “You ain’t even close, bud.”

  • Lynnelle Allison

    Hello. My sons and I greatly enjoy The Story of the World Volume 2 as we homeschool. The stories you choose to highlight major historical events are wonderful and draw us into this grand story. Dane, 10, and Luke ,8, ask for more when our chapter for the day is finished. We happened to notice that the picture of the Lion Gate on page 226 matches the internet pictures of the Lion Gate at Mycenae, Greece, better than the Lion Gate pictures in Jerusalem. Congratulations on your current release. Thank you for your writing.

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