• Copyedits: underway. Lots of ’em. How is it possible that I spelled so many medieval names in so many various ways? #
  • Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy BIRTHDAY deeaaar PEEEEETER, happy birthday to you! #
  • There is a time to acknowledge one’s mistakes. And then there is a time to write STET in big dark letters overtop of one’s original prose. #
  • Copyedits continue: Actually, Ante-Nicene Fathers can NOT be changed to Anti-Nicene Fathers. That’s something else entirely. #
  • More copyedits: When speaking of a child king growing up, is “attained his majority” really an obscure phrase that no one will understand? #
  • More copyedits: Quit closing up my paragraphs! I like them short!! #
  • I’ll never get the which/that difference. Before dozens of people tell me about restrictive clauses: I KNOW, but can’t see ’em, never could. #
  • No wonder the copyeditor is confused. That footnote confuses ME, and I wrote it (I think). #
  • Six straight hours of reading copyedits is enough. My eyeballs hurt. #
  • Heading to Colonial Williamsburg with kids and niece for gingerbread. Nice change from…copyedits. #
  • And so to bed (finally. Yeah, I know it’s only 9 PM). #
  • Grappling w/copyedits: Amazing how the addition of a couple of commas or a single “that” can change the whole feel of a sentence. #
  • Rule devolves to widowed queen: does that sound anti-female? Devolve=pass to, but is it opposite of evolve, as in “all downhill from here”? #
  • Copyedits: “He sent to Heraclius, offering to make peace” and “He sent to Heraclius an offering to make peace” are NOT the same. #
  • Still reading copyedits: Yes, it’s more awkward to say “it seems to have been” rather than “it was.” Also necessary (and prudent). #
  • Still reading copyedits: NO, I do NOT want to use the word “Unbeknownst.” Ever. Really. #
  • Darn. Vet’s on his way to see horses (spring shots and worming). Have to quit reading copyedits. Rats. Shucks. Darn. #
  • Horses vaccinated, dewormed, teeth floated. News: Pony I bought in fall not sedate 14 as promised, but frisky 3-year-old. Horse traders… #
  • Reading copyedits: Yes, I know it’s confusing, but Liutprand King of the Lombards and Liudprand of Cremona are different people. #
  • Wow. I sure do use a lot of reflexive pronouns. And semi-colons. And start sentences with conjunctions. #
  • Side effects of intensive work on copyedits: 1) Easily see lack of continuity/inconsistencies. 2) Develop deep hatred of own prose style. #
  • Finishing copyedits this morning: I really, really want to use “treaty” as a verb. #
  • This copyeditor doesn’t like colloquialisms even a little bit. #
  • AGGH. I keep writing Edmund when I mean Edward and vice versa. Must fix! (This passes for excitement in my life.) #
  • Copyedits are GONE out the DOOR. You’d think I’d feel a huge sense of relief, but mostly I feel peevish and afflicted w/residual resentment. #
  • Border collie breeder says DD8’s puppy ready. SSHHH. SECRET. Can’t get puppy til Monday and if I tell DD8 we’ll have to go THAT VERY MINUTE. #
  • Have tidied office, taken out trash, sorted books, vacuumed up dead bugs/spiders/crickets. Feels great. All ready for the next project. #

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  • Christina

    The next project?!
    After only reading what you have done, I’m ready for a nap.

  • cathmom

    Just as long as it’s not ante-female!

  • Colleen

    Please consider adopting your next pet from an animal shelter or a breed rescue (these are easy to find on Petfinder.com). I’m sure your DD8 would be just as excited to adopt a pet that needs a home, and isn’t contributing to the pet overpopulation problem.

    I have absolutely no idea how copyediting works, but it seems like it would help everyone if your copyeditor was also knowledgeable in your subject matter. However, come to think of it, if I were very knowledgeable in both English composition and Medieval history, I most likely would not choose copyediting as my profession.

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