• Doing my best to have a day off. #
  • Updating workshops for Chicago Expo this weekend (while fielding multiple phone calls informing us that our server is down. Yeah, we know). #
  • Server recovery…blogs and forums and store and main pages all back up! #
  • Power's off in entire historic/Merchant's Square area of Williamsburg. Now it really looks 18th century. #
  • Hear rumors Northern Lights could be seen all the way from VA. Went outside: weird flashy sky. But possibly heat lightning? Wondering… #
  • After sitting on runway in Richmond in howling thunderstorm for 3 extra hours, plane finally took off. Am now in Chicago at Homeschool Expo. #
  • In Chicago for my birthday! #

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  • Sahamamama

    Happy Birthday. I don’t know about you, but 43 feels so different to me than 42 did. LOL. But there is no rest for the weary. In fact, I have three year old twins with a high energy level. These children have no off switches. Imagine that, and be glad your youngest is nine. 😉

    Enjoy your day and your year.

  • christa

    We were visiting the Yorktown/Williamsburg area this past week and experienced the power outages (while eating pizza at Stephano’s)! It amazed us how one store lost power and a store right next to it didn’t! Driving down the Colonial Parkway in a down pour is an adventure, too.

    Happy Birthday!

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