• A werewolf would have eviscerated loud paper-crumpling whispering couple next to us, thus improving movie tremendously. #
  • Watching Olympic snowboarding. I know this is supposed to be a real sport. It doesn't LOOK like a real sport [age showing]. #
  • Tuesdays are my Mondays. #
  • Working on tonight's lecture, editing a manuscript for Peace Hill Press, hoping to get back to Renaissance Europe before 3 PM… #
  • One out of three isn't too bad… #
  • DS16 has brand-new learner's permit! Hurrah, hurrah! #
  • Some cosmic intelligence-sucking force must compel NBC interviewers to ask, "How does it FEEL to triumph/epically fail at the Olympics"? #
  • I think Tiger Woods read my book. #
  • Getting ready to comment on Tiger Woods apology for Channel 13. #
  • WVEC in Hampton, 5:30 news–if you're local, tune in to catch me comment on Tiger! (Unless, of course, it gets cut. Always a possibility.) #
  • William & Mary asked me to comment on Tiger Woods via the W&M YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blhH39g2xtc #
  • Yesterday was busy. Can't…get…moving…today… #
  • Not sure making cherry streusel coffeecake is really the most theologically sound way to kick off the first Sunday in Lent. #
  • Nearly sixty degrees and sunny. Going riding this afternoon, for the first time in weeks. #

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  • Christina

    I just have to agree with you about the idiocy of the question,”How do you feel…” to the Olympic athletes, whether they did well or not. It really does make them look, like you said, unintelligent. It gets me riled up.
    Among other things. But it is annoying.

  • Christina

    My husband complains all the time about my dangling modifiers and such…the “them” in the second part of my comment refers to the interviewers. 🙂

  • Staci in FL

    Yes, Tiger Woods most DEFINITELY read your book.

  • Sahamamama

    I wonder if he really DID read it? Perhaps whoever “scripted” the apology has done some research on what makes for an effective apology, and came across TAotPG. It seemed hard for Tiger to grovel, though. Not something he’s accustomed to, maybe?

    On another note…. completely random… I am so tired of February. How many more days until spring? Does anyone know?

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