As of this week, you can plan on reading the History of the Ancient World on the Kindle.

It’s a lot of pages for an ebook, isn’t it? I have a Kindle but haven’t used it as much as I expected to (mostly I take it when I’m flying, since it’s light). It drives me crazy not to be able to flip back and forth through actual pages.

Anyway, if you buy any of my books on the Kindle, let me know what the reading experience is like. I’m curious.

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  • Kara Pena

    I tried to look you up in author search and was unable to find you. So I’m glad to know HOTW is on Kindle now. Add more please. I LOVE my Kindle. It is useless as a research book where you need to refer back and scan multiple books at once. However, it is amazing to read through and create notes and highlight. I’m currently trying to read a book without trying to deeply analize every jot and tittle. Plus if tou carry multiple books with you (as I do), you have the ability to travel lightly with variety. It has helped me to read the Word more as I desire to do more of this year. Anyway…. LOVE it!

  • tomlinton

    Not yet available
    says Amazon
    So hit the best seller lists quickly
    and get that price down
    to the expected $9.99

  • Charles Wilkes

    I’ve had my Kindle since early December 2007, and I absolutely love it. I have a memory card inside, and presently have almost 800 books on my Kindle.

    I needs a better directory system, as 800 books make an individual book I know I have hard to find, and the search function takes a long time. There are category codes on the PC version supporting the Kindle, but not on the Kindle itself — why?

    It also needs a multi-level structure, where for example authors have only a one line entry, which if selected then brings up all books by that author. Same for categories. Searching for an author takes too much time, and it doesn’t even exist by category on the Kindle itself as I said above. I’m sure there are other ways to structure a better directory system, but most of all, it needs to be faster.

    Last October, I bought an Apple iPod Touch with 32 GB, which I also have books stored. But it is backlit, has great color graphics, and is very easy to read. Since it is also very small, I carry it in my shirt pocket everywhere, which I cannot do with my Kindle, although I usuall keep my Kindle in my car just in case.

    Unfortunately books on my Kindle cannot be sent to my iPod Touch due to that dreaded publisher imposed DRM code. Since I’m the only reader, I don’t think this is right — if I buy a paper back I can read it or do whatever I want without worrying about a DRM. Amazon and Apple too have gotten rid of DRM elsewhere, so why can’t they here as well.

  • April Duritza

    I got a Kindle for Christmas, and I love it! I don’t like it quite as much for reference books, but for linear reading such as novels, biographies, and so on, it is Great!

    Just since Christmas, I’ve read Pride and Prejudice, Emma, the new Warren Buffet biography (looong, but good) and several “junk” novels just for fun (including the whole Twilight series). Because I always have the Kindle in my purse, I can read whenever I’m waiting around, and suddenly I seem to have a lot more time for reading than I ever did before.

    I also love that the costs are so much lower. There are lots of books I’d never have bought for full price, but since the cost of printing and shipping can be zeroed out, lots of my books are much less expensive on Kindle, and as a result I’m buying more books than normal! I’m so glad you are getting your books set up for it!

  • Frank

    I am contenplating getting a Kindle. If I do I will definitely get a copy of HotAW for it. It is one of my favorite books and I can’t wait for the second volume

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