So this was Family Day, which means no business, no writing, and kid-directed activities. The two younger have been drooling over a copy of Hello, Cupcake, and I finally stocked up on enough random baking supplies to make a run at a couple of the recipes.

So after a morning filled with sugar, we present to you:

the TV Dinner Cupcakes (chicken legs, peas and carrots, mashed potatoes with butter and gravy)

and the Popcorn Cupcakes.

And all done with candy and icing and other forms of sugar.

Why is it so fascinating to make things that look like other things? I mean, this was definitely a child-led project but I got a kick out of it too. In fact, we took them down and displayed them proudly to my parents, who were kind enough to say, “Ooh! Aah!”

Even when you’re forty-one and your day involved making things out of frosting, it’s nice to have your parents admire your handiwork.

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  • Karen

    I spent one weekend decorating two dozen cupcakes to look like ponies for my daughter’s end-of-riding-camp party, thanks to that same book.

  • My sister has that book. She’s a heat-packing cop who goes home and puts together extravagent cupcakes. Nothing makes her happier than a colleague’s birthday! She’s like Martha Stewart with a Taser.

    Your cupcakes turned out beautifully!

  • Katie Adams

    Wow! These look really great! I might just try to track that book down and have some fun with my little bakers this fall. Thanks for posting the pictures.

  • Keeley

    Oh my good gravy! Those look goooooood! Y’all have some amazing cupcake decorating talent there….

  • Kez

    Oh wow, those look amazing!

  • Cynthia Simms

    My family loves this book! Your cupcakes look great! My 8yob had to make the bugs and sharks so far. I’m sure the ones you all made are on his list as well. Thanks for sharing. I so enjoy your blog as well as all your great books.

  • MamaGeph

    The mashed potatoes and gravy are especially enticing.

  • Shelly

    Your cupcakes look great! We got the same book a few weeks ago, and we made the popcorn cupcakes for family movie night the day my daughter got her braces. (I know, all the sugar is bad for braces, but it seemed better than the forbidden popcorn!) Sounds like a fun family day for you all; thanks for sharing it!

  • Lisa has 6 daughters

    I’m a writer and I’ve been assigned like 100 cake-decorating articles over the past few weeks, it’s amazing what can be done, isn’t it. Our favorite April fool’s day was the year we serced mashed potatoes, meatloaf & green beans for dinner. Then, for dessert, we made identical plates of candies that Looked like mashed potatoes, meatloaf & green beans. The kids were confused at first but when they figured it out, they loved it. it’s been one of their favorite memories for over 5 yrs now. I got the idea from Family Fun magazine.

  • Hena Tayeb

    love the popcorn cupcake.. the potatoes and gravy is freaking me out a bit.. nevertheless very well done.

  • MJ in Georgia

    I loved the cupcake pictures; they repulsed me and enticed me all at once. I hope whoever plays the trumpet in the background brushed his teeth before playing! So glad ya’ll had a fun family day!

  • Kelli

    Great job! We check the book out all the time – but never have the patience to make them. You’re inspiring!

  • maddie

    hey i have that cookbook i want to be a chef when i grow up and i am only 10 by the way the cupcakes look yummy i like the pease and carotts

  • My kids saw me looking at your post and so now I am off to the store to get cupcake supplies, lol!

  • Sandy Howell

    I was wondering if you would be willing to share the recipe with me on how to make the tv dinner cupcakes. I saw them on another site and just thought they would be an adorable thanksgiving project to do with my kids. I can’t find the book except online and I’m not sure if it will have time to get here before thanksgiving. Just thought I’d ask. Thanks, Sandy Howell
    my email- [email protected]

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