• Today: family day. Forecast to be 101 degrees. I'm thinking indoor quality time would be best. #
  • First thing this morning: vomiting child. Darn. #
  • All-time low in ability to multitask: emergency shop for Coke & animal crackers, glance down in checkout line, see dried vomit on sneakers. #
  • Eternal perspective: we are as grass, wind passes, gone, etc. Tonight: sick kids, washed every sheet in linen closet, used up Tylenol, AGGH. #
  • Today will be a better day. #
  • I'm not sure "parenting" really describes what I'm doing today. Maybe "herding" would be a better word. #
  • Heading off the grid to write… #
  • Christopher is coming home today! Fried chicken and biscuits and chocolate cake and rejoicing! #
  • Saturday, end of week, way too much stuff to finish up. #
  • Enormous boys are wrestling in the living room. Christopher is back. #
  • I am reading galleys. AAAAAGH. #
  • Well, I have breached the intimidating Galley Frontier and am trudging through the bleak interior. #

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  • Keeley

    Hahaha, vomit on your shoes! =D Oh well, what can you do but shrug and giggle?

    Vomit: the badge of honour a mother wears. =D

    That and massive black bags under the eyes.

    Eat ice cream while trudging through the Galley desert. It helps.

    Not that I’d know, never having written a book, and having no idea where on earth the word “Galley” comes from. I’m imagining ship with the drummer going “bong” on the drums and the chained up Charlton Heston moaning and groaning under the load.

    But anyway, ice cream helps in EVERY situation.

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