My husband just killed a mouse.

With a frying pan.

MY frying pan.

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  • Alberto Hurtado

    So. What side of the frying pan was it? Because if it was on the inside, then that mouse is still a great source of protein. I’m just saying…..

  • Tim Mosman


  • Sandy

    My husband once killed a mouse with the bathroom scale- ugh!! But at least we don’t have to cook with the bathroom scale…

  • Lori

    Ewwww….On the other hand, that’s one fewer mouse in your house. Frying pans can wash and if they’re cast iron, can be heated to a very high temp to sanitize. Mice are just…yick.

  • Heather

    Ewww! Ewww! Ewww!

    That frying pan would have to go in the garbage in my house.

    Splattered mouse guts everywhere…..

    Ewww! Ewww! Ewww!

  • mel

    you remember that time … when justin killed a mouse … with a book. Richard Hays’ book, to be specific. yeah, that was weird. but i second the sentiments of your other reader – at least you don’t have to cook with a book.

  • Justin

    Hey, it wasn’t Richard Hays, it was Robert Gagnon. Hays’ book wasn’t heavy enough.
    In my defense…dark night…sudden mouse encounter…instinct kicked in, closest book, nice and heavy. And I’ve never asked anyone to eat off of it. 🙂

  • Alberto Hurtado

    “instinct kicked in”….were your people once mouse-hunters in cave man times? 🙂

  • Evelyn

    am i the only one who feels sorry for the mouse?

  • A Circle of Quiet

    No pity for the mouse. Lots of pity for the man who grabbed the closest thing (be it book, frying pan or a bust of Homer) and did it in.


  • Michelle in MO

    That reminds me of two stories! Once, my husband used one of my plastic measuring cups to expertly measure out Round-Up, that very noxious stuff used to kill weeds! Of course we had to get rid of the measuring cup!

    My youngest daughter, when she was eight years old, found two mice inside of the dog food bin. Undaunted, she took a shovel, scooped up the mice, and promptly beheaded them with the shovel! This is the same kid who’s afraid of bugs and stickers! Go figure!

  • Sylvia

    What a guy! I had a friend who killed a mouse with a teaspoon. That’s a sign of a really useful and resourceful man!

  • Susan in TX

    Okay, you just made up for all the times I have sighed and thought “what a pleasant existence that must be…” Give me suburbia any day!! Never mind, I don’t know what Virginia is like, but down here, if you get too far out of town, your internet providers are not as reliable, and heaven knows this little “city slicker” wouldn’t last a day without her high speed connection!
    My husband laughed out loud when I showed him this post. His comment, “You wouldn’t last ten minutes!”
    Thanks for sharing,
    Susan in TX

  • Teresa in Topsfield

    Your frying pan would likely have been spared if you had a reliable feline in residence.

  • Valerie in Chicago

    And now it’s HIS frying pan.

  • Dona

    My sister once killed a mouse by slamming the door on it. It was a freaky thing, not something she planned. She just happened to slam the door at the exact moment it was trying to run through the crack by the hinges. Hadn’t thought about that in YEARS!

  • Sarah

    We once had a mouse in the house that my daughter, who was three at the time, called “Stuart Little”. As we had just watched the movie the day before, I thought she was joking until I saw it run across the floor. Of course, my husband was out of town, so I did what any sensible independent woman would do and called my Dad to come and kill it. He set a trap and had to come back and empy it the next day. I too wouldn’t last in the country.

  • JFS in IL

    A couple months ago, just as cold weather hit, a mouse decided to scamper across my kitchen floor, much to the amusement of two STUPID cats, who thought I’d bought them a wind-up toy. When I realized the cats were clearly NOT going to do their job, and that I was about to have a mouse escape under my ‘fridge, performed the only action for which I had time…I stomped on the mouse with my sneaker.


  • James

    Throw out the frying pan! (don’t use it… gross)
    To your husband: “Good job! Pest control is a real challenge”

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