So this afternoon my husband is driving peacefully back from Williamsburg, along our nice peaceful country road, without another car around for miles, when a HUGE BRANCH falls off a tree overhead and spears the passenger side of the car.

He’s a little bashed up but mostly OK, although in need of many cookies and Maryland basketball games on videotape. The car is a disaster: frame bent, hood popped, steering column partly ripped out etc. Stupidly, I had it towed to the local Toyota dealer, who was so incredibly obstructive and unhelpful that we then had to have it RE-towed to another place. (This did not make the tow truck driver particularly happy.)

Here’s where the branch came from, lurking in wait until he drove underneath it. What are the chances?

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  • Charlie Park

    Wowee. I’m so glad he’s okay. Man.

  • Zac Taylor

    Holy wow. I just kept staring at that picture and wondering how your husband wasn’t seriously hurt. All things considered, sounds like he handled himself pretty well.

    The way the wipers are positioned it looks almost like when the tree went through he was unphased and just thought he might turn on the wipers and keep going as if he’d merely hit a butterfly. 🙂


  • Basketmaker Amy

    Wow! I’m so glad he wasn’t hurt. A tree fell on my brother-in-law’s brother while he was driving his minivan and now he is now paralyzed from the chest down. Another tree fell on the ambulance that was responding…nobody hurt in that accident. (And it wasn’t even a big storm!) Count your blessings! Give him some TLC!


  • A Circle of Quiet

    Good grief, Susan. I am so glad he is okay. Extra butter and sugar in those cookies for the big guy!


  • Lori

    Wow. I’m so very grateful that he wasn’t more than just shook up.

  • The Tutor

    Praise God he is alright!

  • Staci

    Wow! I’m glad he’s OK.

  • mary kathryn

    0% chance. Must be providence.

  • PariSarah

    Oh my! How scary! Glad he’s ok!!

    You know, usually these kinds of experiences lead one to evaluate one’s life choices, to judge whether they are really the best choices, in light of the fragility of our existence. Doesn’t he now feel that some things in his life need to be reconsidered . . . like rooting for Maryland?

    (Go, Devils, Go!!)

  • dangermom

    Good golly, how scary. Glad he’s all right.

  • Heather in Virginia

    Whoa… That is just weird. Two trees have fallen in L’burg on the same street this week, different days, no storm, both within about two blocks of each other. There were no storms either, just a sudden oak tree suicide.

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