I flew into Sacramento on Thursday to give a series of workshops in Roseville, at the CCHE convention. And was greeted, as always, by a wonderful and enthusiastic group of Californians who sat in a rather dim room for very long hours and listened to everything I had to say.

I took my second son with me, since he hasn’t yet had a chance to meet his new cousin; Saturday night we flew from Sacramento up to Seattle to visit my brother and his family.

Ben and Dot (that’s one healthy baby)

Today I’ve got a couple of meetings set up in Seattle, so I came into work with Bob and he let me use the office overlooking the water.

I have some writing to finish up , and then I’m going to wander around Seattle for a bit until Bob’s ready to go home.

It’s hard to imagine a place less like Charles City, Virginia, but I find my imagination working when I’m here. I’ve visited a lot of cities over the past eight or nine years of book-publicity, and there are plenty of cities that I enjoy, but wouldn’t want to live in. But Seattle is different. I think I could live here.

Of course, we’d have to sell the hundred-acre farm in Virginia, which would mean that we could afford a two-bedroom condo here. Not sure I’m ready for that.

I have some new information on my academic publishing project, by the way–update coming soon!

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  • Lori

    Wow…he really looks like you!

  • Angela

    I just moved from Seattle to Chicago. I miss seeing the mountains all around! And you’re right, there is something different about Seattle.

  • Jenny T

    Seattle is SO much nicer than other large cities because instead of being surrounded by large, nasty industrial yards, it is surrounded by lush, green national forests!

    I love going to Seattle and seeing so much green from the freeway . . . .but I also lived in Virginia and have seed few places that can compare with the beautiful VA countryside . . . .

    Boise, Idaho is another pretty city–very clean like you were in Switzerland, but surrounded by desert.

  • Mary Ellen

    I have a house not far from Seattle I would consider trading for a 100 acre farm in Virginia…..

  • Jennifer

    I’m a Cincinnati native, but I lived in Seattle for two years, and that city still haunts me! Is IS different; I would like to live there again someday. The combination of water, mountains, and tall, tall, evergreen trees….with lots and lots of rain to keep everything lush. Being a rain-lover, I never experienced the sun-deprived depression that gave birth to Starbucks and Seattle’s Best out there! There is also a young, hip, intellectual vibe out there that I loved.

  • Trish

    Well, Seattle wouldn’t be averse to having you join us. 🙂 Had you been here two weeks earlier, you’d have enjoyed our finest weather all year (85, breezy, and gorgeous) But, as usual, all it does in Seattle is rain (or at least that’s the rumor we’re spreading). 🙂

    Welcome! I hope you are able to soak it up and go home refreshed. Dot is so cute!

  • Anita

    I’ve never been to Seattle. Although I’d like to go.

    I’m with Lori, your son does look a lot like you.

  • Lori M.

    We are over here on Bainbridge Island. I hope you enjoy your time here. (Seattle)
    I just told my son’s history high school teacher tonight about your books ( he finished his Master’s in Ed. at William&Mary)
    Thanks for all you inspiration.

  • Missy


    I was at the conference in Roseville. It was wonderful to hear you speak. Listening to you that weekend helped me to simplify my homeschool curriculum- what a relief!!!

    Anyway, you were wonderful to listen to. Thanks!
    Missy Herguth

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