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The Complete Writer Weekend Workshop
A seminar for parents and students
Peace Hill
18021 The Glebe Lane
Charles City, Virginia

Friday, Feb. 10, 4 PM – Saturday, Feb. 11, 5:30 PM
Registration opens 11AM, Monday, December 5th.

Sponsored by Peace Hill Press
Registration fee: $35 per family

These sessions are intended for both parents and students. If you’d like us to consider including your student in one of the hands-on sessions taught by Susan, please contact us with the student’s name, age, overall grade level (more or less), and a brief explanation of the student’s writing ability, including any particular challenges.

Sessions will be taped for inclusion in a DVD lecture series. Attendees will be asked to sign a release form allowing them to appear on the DVD. If you register, we ask that you be willing to sign this form.

Local lodging options and information here. Williamsburg lodging options and information here. (25-40 minutes away)

A list of local restaurants can be found here (Charles City) and here (Providence Forge). (The options are few. This is farm country.)

Picnic dinners for Friday and box lunches for Saturday are available for an additional fee; please contact us for details.




4-5:30 PM Overview: Why Writing Programs Fail

An overall plan for producing good writers at home.  We will cover how to teach the skills of writing  sequentially, by guiding your student through a simple progression (copying, dictation, narration, summarizing, outlining, short critical essays, long critical essays, research paper) that develops both writing and thinking skills in a systematic manner.  Includes suggestions on how to use these writing and thinking skills in every area of the curriculum.

5:30-7 Dinner break

7-8:30 Writing With Ease: The First Stage

Elementary Writing

This workshop focuses on the most foundational skills of writing: putting ideas into words, putting words on the page, and how to bring those two skills together.  Includes a specific plan for developing these skills through copywork, dictation, and narration across the curriculum, as well as step-by-step guidance in how to dictate/narrate. Common (and not so common) difficulties are also addressed.  Recommended for those teaching all K-6 students, as well as for those teaching older students who are reluctant writers.


9-9:45 AM Dictation and Narration: A Demonstration

Susan will demonstrate dictatation and narration with elementary students. If you’d like your student to participate, please contact us.

9:45-10 AM Coffee Break

10-11:30 Writing With Skill: The Second Stage

Logic-Stage Writing

Expanding on the principles presented in “A Plan for Teaching Writing,” this workshop offers very specific guidance in how to teach middle grade (logic-stage) students the skills of constructing an argument, outlining and writing from an outline.  Includes training in outlining, writing from an outline, basic  Socratic dialogue, and evaluation and grading.  Essential for those teaching all 5th to 8th grade students; since written argumentation is the basis of high school writing, this seminar is also highly recommended for those teaching high school students.  Students in grades 5-12 are encouraged to attend.

11:30-11:45 Break

11:45-12:45 Middle Grade Master Class

Susan will walk middle-grade students through the process of organizing, writing, and proofreading a brief composition.  If you’d like your student to participate, please contact us.  Students must be willing to prepare ahead of time.

12:45-2 Lunch Break

2-3:30 Writing With Style: The Third Stage

High School Writing

Expanding on the principles presented in “A Plan for Teaching Writing,” this seminar covers all of the types of writing that high school students should learn before entering the freshman year of college: response papers, summaries, and critical essays across the curriculum.  Attendance at “Focus on the Middle Grades” seminar is highly recommended.  Students in grades 8-12 are encouraged to attend.

3:30-4 Tea Break

4-5:30 High School Master Class

Susan will teach a selected topic to high school students and help them to form a response paper.  If you’d like your student to participate, please contact us.  Students must be willing to prepare ahead of time.

5:30 Closing Thoughts (And Coffee for the Road)

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