• I need a metaphor. What's a thing that draws different things together to make one thing? Answer can't use word "thing." #
  • OK, you guys are close, but I need actual THING that draws them together. Like the ring on a spindle that draws strands together into yarn. #
  • Editing, this morning. As soon as I'm finished with the Crusades, I can go have a hot bath. The Crusaders probably said the same thing. #
  • If the Crusaders could have kicked back at end of day with a glass of red wine & Top Chef, the 13th century would have been a nicer place. #

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  • Murr Brewster

    Yoke. Wedding. Duct tape. Dementia. Billiard ball rack. Crockpot.

  • Karla Anderson


  • Lisa Anderson


  • Terry Moore

    Confluence as a joining of streams, ideas, events. Manifold as joining engine exhaust from the cylinders into one output. Mixing bowl. Couplings as connectors of railway cars.

  • Hector Rubi

    Hi Susan.
    I currently live in Honduras and I recently read your book: History of The Ancient World, which I consider one of the best books I ever read.
    I am interested in reading about Hitites, Bactrians and Parthians, therefore I will appreciate your recommendations about some book titles about these topics.
    Thank you.

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