Back to work next week. This week has been for CHRISTMAS…

the Christmas-cookie-decorating-apocalyptic-mess,

the barefoot Christmas Eve game of Rundown (guess we won’t be singing In the Bleak Midwinter THIS Christmas either),

watching the Scrooge musical with the bunnies,

and hovering over the presents, intending to shake them as soon as Mom and Dad are out of sight.

And as for Christmas morning: opening presents, putting them on,

and playing with them.

(Be afraid. Be very afraid.)

And special thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for sending me with ALL THIS COFFEE. Guess I might finish the History of the Medieval World after all.

Tune in next week for further developments on the book-publishing front…

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  • Lori

    What fun pictures! Thanks for sharing and happy holidays!

  • The Crib Chick

    LOL…I love the picture of the child perched on the ARM of the rocker, over the presents. (My eyes aren’t deceiving me, are they?)

    It gives me just that much more hope that my kids are normal. ;o)

  • Carole

    Loved the boy’s face with the chem lab set. yea, he really loves that gift.

    Happy New Year

  • Valerie in Chicago

    Would love to find out where you got the “math illiteracy” t-shirt. I have a friend who is a math prof at Washington U. in St. Louis. I think he’d love it! =-)

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