Tomorrow I’ve got to get moving on some tasks for the Princeton book upcoming…but tonight we enjoyed our usual New Year’s Eve tradition of watching the Twilight Zone marathon with friends,

eating chocolate fondue,

and playing Settlers of Catan (despite the triumph here displayed, our neighbor Justin did NOT win…his wife Mel, considering her next move, smeared us all),

If you’re the first person to identify exactly what we’re watching here, right before 2007 turns into 2008, I’ll send you an autographed copy of the History of the Ancient World.

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  • Kerri Rogers

    Just finished kitchen clean up after our New Year’s Eve party and thought I’d check your blog before bed. Were you watching Dead Man’s Shoes? We were watching Ratatoullie at our kid friendly party outside in the backyard on this humid Florida night. Your Twillight Zone marathon sounds much more festive! Happy New Year!!!

  • Kerri Rogers

    On second thought, it isn’t Dead Man’s Shoes. I think it’s Two? Try, try again. 🙂

  • mary kathryn

    My parents didn’t let me watch Twilight Zone (sigh) – we watched the pilot episode of Battlestar Galactica last night.

  • Lori

    My daughter Sarah thinks it might be an episode called One More Pallbearer.

    Happy new year!

  • Jonathan Cisco

    Maybe The Invaders?

    Love your books by the way!

  • Monica

    I’ve no idea about the movie, but the man on the TV in the second picture looks jealous of your chocolate tower. Happy New Year to you too.

  • Matt Harmless

    Did you get it? Time enough at last! With Burgess Meredith as Henry Bemis.

  • Jeremy Shafer

    Here’s my response: looks like you are watching the Twilight Zone episode “Time Enough At Last” , Written by Rod Serling, first aired on 11/20/1959 (I think)

  • Teresa Rose

    Time Enough at Last. The poor fellow.

  • Susan

    OK, Matt, technically you get it first, but you and Jeremy and Teresa all posted so close together that you all get a book. 🙂

  • dangermom

    Dang, I should have checked this morning. I knew that, it’s my favorite Twilight Zone episode! (I an extremely myopic myself…)

  • A Circle of Quiet

    All I know is the Twilight Zone song by The Manhattan Transfer — and thanks to this post, I’ll have it rattling in my brain all afternoon.

    I like the chocolate fondue tradition. We’ll have to work on starting that. YUM.

    We enjoyed Port and cold medicine — quite a combo (-:

    Happy New Year, Susan.


  • Matt Harmless

    I think that this is the first time I have ever won anything!

  • Jenny

    I spent my New Year’s playing Setllers, too! 🙂 Our favorite game

  • JFS in IL

    Is that an expansion pack of Settlers? Which one? We just got the basic game and I have won 3 out of 4 times.

  • Susan

    Yep–that’s Seafarers of Catan, the expansion with sea and ships in it. GREAT game.

  • Jenny Harris

    You guys were watching Its A wonderful Life! I love that movie, my family watches it every New Years Eve.

  • Jenny Harris

    OK way off, didn’t read all the posts!

  • Debra in TX

    Okay…not only do you have my favorite specialty beer (Abita Purple Haze) at your table, but you also have egg cartons on top of your fridge! We have stacks of cartons awaiting eggs as my (newly) Well-Feathered Hens pretend that it’s winter here. Those tricksters…

    Happy New Year, thank you, etcetera. 😀

    Debra in TX

  • Suzanne

    Seafarers is good, but have you played Cities and Knights? In my opinion, it’s much better. We play that probably 90% of the time we play any of the Settlers….and when you combine Seafarers and Cities and Knights you get quite the game! 🙂

  • Sherri

    Oh, holy smokes. I should check my Google Reader more often. Poor Henry Bemis. Do you think he committed suicide, or he took to composing his own verse? Before he died of radiation poisoning, I mean.

    I love that you love Catan. So do we. I’m with Suzanne– Cities and Knights is the best. We’ve also had several friends combine their basic sets to play Giant Catan. Lots of fun, but you have to have a lot of hours to dedicate to it.

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