Writing in fish mode

In nonfiction publishing, you typically sell your publisher a promise–an outline, a few sample chapters, and a deadline by which you plan to have the project finished. Writing under [...]

Writing, writing, writing

…by which I mean not so much that I’m writing (although that’s mostly what I do, when I’m not sheep-herding or stall-cleaning), but that I’ve just finished up a big [...]

Great review from Kirkus!

Kirkus Reviews, one of the major pre-publication review journals, has now published its positive review of the History of the Renaissance World.

Really, really, really long audiobooks

A little while ago, my esteemed editor forwarded me this note from Norton’s subsidiary rights department… Audio rights for THE HISTORY OF THE RENAISSANCE WORLD have just been sold to [...]

Where in the world is Susan?

(Part Two of “When Did the Middle Ages End?” coming shortly! In the meantime…) Anyone want to play Where in the World is Susan? These should give you a pretty broad [...]