(Part Two of “When Did the Middle Ages End?” coming shortly! In the meantime…)

Anyone want to play Where in the World is Susan?

These should give you a pretty broad hint…but if you can’t figure it out I’ll post a few more.




(This one is “Where in the World is Susan’s Husband?”)


So what do you think?

ADDENDUM: You guys guessed it! Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. We’re here on a somewhat-delayed wedding anniversary trip. After a few too many wet, grey, muddy, nasty February days in Virginia, we’re loving the wind and the sun–not to mention the food and the scenery.

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  • Hope Yetkin

    Dunkirk? Normandy?

  • Trish Murphy


  • Julie

    Looks a bit like Castillo de San Marcos in St Augustine, FL

  • Susan

    Nope, nope, nope…

  • Kate belt


  • D Bundy

    That has to be the Mediterranean.

  • Tom

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Sarah

    Puerto Rico? Reminds me of the pics my friends took there last year…

  • Kathleen

    Puerto Rico?

  • Gordon Paisley

    San Juan, Puerto Rico!

  • Stephanie

    The name of the town means “picture,” as in “pretty as a.” Fresh fish grilled dockside. Windy beaches… one of my favorite cities in the world! Essaouira on the Atlantic coast of Morocco!

  • Cathi Warren

    My husband’s guess: Puerto Rico.

  • Sarah B.


  • nicole

    Puerto Rico.

  • dangermom


  • Megan

    I vote Greece

  • Elaina B

    I’m thinking the southern coast of Spain, perhaps Cadiz? Moorish influence…

  • Suzannah in NoVA

    Aw, I was thinking St. Augustine, FL too. Carribean?

  • konni

    usa coast

  • Mary Ellen

    El Morro, San Juan Puerto Rico

  • Hope Yetkin

    No way that’s the Mediterranean with waves like that.


  • Scott

    That’s Portugal, right?

  • Cindy

    The buildings in the pic with your husband look like Italy, southern.

  • Sandy Burr

    At first I wanted to say, “Cape Coast castle,” a thought I retracted when I saw the backs of the buildings in photo #3. And if it were Cape Coast castle, there’d be scads of other people swarming the place. That rounded tower in photo #4 is intriguing and makes me think of Ireland and of Spain simultaneously (the Moorish influence for the latter). Then again, you could be near the White Cliffs of Dover, for all I know, except that the water in that last shot is way too Mediterranean in feel–or is it the Caribbean? And I know nothing about fortresses or holding pens in the Caribbean.

  • A Word With Penelope

    Casablanca? SO beautiful.

  • Eric Peterson

    Fort Jesus Mombasa Kenya?

  • Robin


  • Emily

    Puerto Rico?

  • John


  • Diana

    El Morro Castle, San Juan, Puerto Rico?

  • A Word With Penelope

    Ha- I was SO wrong!

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