How not to respond to a bad review

If you read my Twitter updates, you probably saw this one: “Never, never argue with a bad review. Chant fifty times. Repeat ad infinitum.” It’s so tempting to explain exactly [...]

I want this guy’s life.

Maybe it’s just an aftereffect of doing all the history, but I want to make up universes for the next ten years for $$$$. One Million Pounds= = Slightly Less

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-07

Walking right at dusk: lightning bugs, moonshadow in front of me, the air smells like barley. # Back to work today. Writing 1st, small-press business 2nd, take DS12 to violin lesson 3rd, [...]

Dispatch from Salt Lake City

So I’ve just finished speaking to the very friendly attendees at the Utah Home Educators Association convention. Talked to a lot of readers, signed a bunch of books. I promised a few scenes [...]

Late afternoon in Utah

I haven’t done a new post for a while because I had to get back from New York, do follow-up, take care of Peace Hill Press business, clean my house, hang out with my children, clean the [...]