• Walking right at dusk: lightning bugs, moonshadow in front of me, the air smells like barley. #
  • Back to work today. Writing 1st, small-press business 2nd, take DS12 to violin lesson 3rd, supervise schoolwork 4th, collapse in heap 5th. #
  • Random statement of the day: DS17, walking into kitchen: “Mom and Dad, the FBI called. They don’t take personal checks.” #
  • Puppies in the house: the floor’s been 409-ed and carpet-foamed more in the last week than in 19 years previous. Can’t be bad. #
  • Time to hoe the sunflower patch. #
  • THAT was a big ol’ storm. Century-old maple next to house split in half, huge gum tree smashed back pasture fence. #
  • Problem with travelling: impossible to go off the grid the week after, too much scutwork to do. #
  • Getting ready for Salt Lake City: drive to Dulles, fly to Utah. #
  • So here I am in Utah. Nothing against Utah, but I want to go home now. #
  • Ooh, look. The smog from last night has lifted and I can see mountains. #
  • This is just a convention center, but somehow the fact that it’s called the Salt Palace improves it. #
  • Jetlag: My head is filled with cotton. But my mouth is moving and people are nodding, so something coherent is coming out… #
  • So where’s the best place in Salt Lake City to get a really great meal? #
  • Must. Get. Out. Of. Bed. Wait, didn’t I do this last Sunday? #
  • Salt Lake City airport, 8 AM Sunday: Mad chaos. Lines everywhere. Piles of suitcases. Can’t get to self check-in:200 people already waiting. #
  • Might help if I told the ticket agent the correct airport, when he asked where I was going. Now he’s rolling his eyes: stupid tourists. #
  • Pulling out of National Airport parking garage. Ahhhh, humidity. #

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