• Heading off the grid for family day. (DD8: “Mommy, today we can do a REALLY BIG PROJECT together!” I am afraid.) #
  • Monday is my day off. Tuesday is my Monday. I’m not crazy about Tuesdays. #
  • Andrew Sullivan, thanks for the book mention: http://bit.ly/BuYQJ #
  • Just finished my first taekwondo lesson in the company of DD8 and DS15. This is going to be fun. #
  • Looks like today won’t be an off-the-grid creative day after all; too much post-conference catch-up work. Editing, emailing, weeding… #
  • Want to read something truly depressing? http://bit.ly/873St #
  • Get up early this morning to write. DS12, appearing: “I think the dog did something all over my rug.” Next 2 hours: labor with carpet foam. #
  • Finished scrubbing & chores, did some concentrated school w/kids. Now they’re playing fort and I’m going to try that writing thing AGAIN. #
  • You can now follow Peace Hill Press on Twitter: http://twitter.com/PeaceHillPress. #
  • Yesterday afternoon: gave up on to-do list and went to bed. Today: to-do list leering at me from desktop. #
  • I’m going to THROW the TO-DO LIST AWAY. Without crossing stuff off it. And make a new one Tuesday morning. This feels so…transgressive. #

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  • Deanna Martin

    Don’t throw your to-do list away. I just started taking your advice and writing things down after I did them, then crossed them off. Very fulfilling.

  • Christina

    This is really quite random, but I wondered if you might know the answer…I can’t decide based on what sounds right, and I can’t find an answer online (googling). Here is the question…Do I use was or were in this sentence? “But that burning in my legs, and feeling my heart pound like that, and having shiny arms were a wee bit satisfying.”
    Maybe toss the sentence altogether, I don’t know. This might keep me up tonight.
    By the way, I don’t mean to make you feel obligated to respond. I know you are so, so, so busy. So I do not want to put you in a bad spot. If you had time I would love to know, you were the one person I could think of that might know the answer…

  • Susan

    I don’t think there’s any good way to get out of that sentence alive. I’d rephrase: “But it was a wee bit satisfying to feel that burning in my legs, my heart pounding like that, my arms shining.” (With what, BTW?) Or possibly, “That burning in my legs, the pounding of my heart, my arms shining–those things were a wee bit satisfying.” Hmm. The biggest problem here is that “shiny arms” don’t line up grammatically with the other two.

  • Christina

    It’s not as exciting as it could be…I was riding a spin bike for the first time in a long time. This is a sentence from my post on the blog. Thanks for your insight! You know how you get stuck on a sentence because that’s how it comes out and you can’t see past it to put it a different way? I bet you don’t know anything about that! Anyway, thank you for your time and considering the convoluted thing.

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