52 books in 52 weeks

Vacation is great. I haven’t set my alarm since my last post on December 20th, and my husband bought me HUGE chocolate-peanutbutter cups at the local candy store and I’ve had one for [...]

And to all a good night.

I finished the edits, I printed it out (950 pages, finished around midnight), I sent it overnight to Norton. Time for Christmas vacation. I’ll be back after Christmas with updates. * The [...]

Less than forty-eight hours to go–

I plan on putting this MS in the mail to Norton first thing Thursday morning, and I still have editing to do (I HATE writing chapter titles), so no long post. Just a note that the video of the [...]

William & Mary Book of the Month

is Art of the Public Grovel…if you want to hear me talk about it and see some not too flattering photos (hey, it was raining the day I went in to do the interview and I was on my way to [...]