I plan on putting this MS in the mail to Norton first thing Thursday morning, and I still have editing to do (I HATE writing chapter titles), so no long post. Just a note that the video of the lecture I gave at the Princeton Public Library is now online.

Although I can’t resist making just one remark about The Day the Earth Stood Still…

I adore disaster movies. But HELLLOOO?


You CAN’T have a disaster movie where the plot is…

1. People will never change! I must destroy you!
2. Oh, look! You’re hugging each other!
3. You can change!! I must not destroy the earth!!!

What a disappointment. And just when I needed some really cathartic and major city-destruction, too.

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  • Heather Q.

    Rats! I was hoping for the destruction of the earth as well, or at the very least, some major landmark mayhem. What a waste!

  • Heather Q.

    Watched the interview. Am impressed (and laughing) that you were actually a candidate for Miss Liberty… Have you mentioned that to the people who run the HEAV conference? I’m sure it would put you right back in their good graces. : )

  • JFS in IL

    So…. what book did you come up with to replace the oop Kingfisher???

    Glad to know hugging will save the earth! You just saved me $8 x four kids.

  • A Circle of Quiet

    So, it is Thursday morning…does that mean last night was an all-nighter? Here’s hoping that all chapters are named, and it is done!!!


  • Colleen in NS

    I just finished watching your Princeton lecture – very enjoyable and informative. Joe might want to watch, too.

    Hope all is well with your manuscript! 🙂

  • dangermom

    I enjoyed the lecture very much. Very interesting to hear more about your Liberty University experience!

    Hope that manuscript is all done now and you can relax a bit…

  • Beth in SW WA

    I watched your lecture! You are beautiful! Its fun to put a voice/face to the printed word.

    Merry Christmas!

    Beth in SW WA

  • Kathy Kuhl

    Bummer about The Day the Earth Stood Still.

    I too hate when a major plot point is, “You must not do x,” someone does x, and it’s all okay.

    For exploding cities, you should rent Independence Day. And as one who knows I-95, you’ll enjoy the fantasy: our hero drives from NYC to DC in less than 3 hours–during an invasion.

    Hope you get to relax a bit now,

    Kathy Kuhl, Herndon, VA

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get to many movies – the next one I’m seeing is “Despereaux.”

    I enjoyed watching the lecture too. I got the vague feeling you didn’t have a wholly sympathetic audience?! But I enjoyed getting a better feeling for your thesis and its supports – bizarre, fascinating, and somehow feasible. That must have been a neat study for you to pursue.

  • Susan


    Don’t forget Deep Impact, where Elijah Wood and his girlfriend sit on a hill somewhere in the West End of Richmond and STARE AT THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS. Not to mention the scene at the end where they are just leaving Virginia Beach as the wave arrives, and make it all the way to the Shenandoah valley on a motorbike before the water gets to them…

  • karenciavo

    We thought the same, although my ds15 thought perhaps the writers were saying the mother’s willingness to die for her son was a propitiation for our sins. In any case, an alien seems to be a role that Keanu Reeves was born to play. 😀

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