Absolutely. Nothing. Going. On.

Nothing exciting, that is. No word on the upcoming book. No reviews. Nothing to do that would hurry it along. Lots of tedious research on the Byzantine-Persian-Arab wars of the seventh century. [...]

Quick Addendum

A couple of hours after posting below, I discovered that my review of John Stackhouse’s Finally Feminist is now online at Books & Culture. (Ducking down behind my concrete bunker now. [...]

Signs of the season

There’s nothing going on with the History of the Ancient World from my end. Zip. It’s off being printed (I think), and I’m just waiting to get a glimpse of it. Or get another [...]

The Color-Coded Schedule

Christmas has come and gone, and it was a good one–although we’ll be living with the aftershocks for quite some time. Between Christmas and New Year’s, I finished up all those [...]