Nothing exciting, that is. No word on the upcoming book. No reviews. Nothing to do that would hurry it along. Lots of tedious research on the Byzantine-Persian-Arab wars of the seventh century. Lots of sorting through lists of caliphs, emperors, shahs, kings, and Visigoth warrior chiefs.

But for three whole hours last week, we had SNOW. It came down in buckets, out of an almost-clear sky, with no warning whatsover.

Christopher was awed,

Daniel staked out a sniper position, snowball in hand,

and the whole family rejoiced.

Then the sun came out, it all melted in twenty minutes, and we went back to work.

Ah, January.

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  • The Tutor

    Ha! Sounds like us… and we’re north of you. My kids keep asking, “Isn’t it winter?” My dd had to scrape up snow from a 2′ x 2′ space to make a puny snowball. Their walking on the snow melted it. They were wet, muddy messes when they came in. But they had played in SNOW, so it was totally worth it!


  • Lori

    We are awaiting another snowstorm today. I’ll bet that makes my sickies at least want to feel better rather than lying around on the couch like a bunch of slugs.

  • Angela, Mother Crone

    I see you are suffering from withdrawls at the lack of white this winter as well. Even my dogs are desparate to lie down and chew on icicles. Hopefully, February will bring winter to the East Coast!

  • Suzanne

    Can i subscribe to your blog somehow? It’s heartening.

  • Susan


    I think you can sign up for notification when new posts go up by using the RSS feed. As I haven’t ever used this (okay, I’m spending a lot of time in the seventh century just now, so my technology’s a bit rusty) I’m not sure how it work–but maybe someone else can help out here?


  • Occidental Girl

    The snow is so much fun! Enjoy those moments.

    We moved to Central Oregon recently and it is very cold. The snow is fun, being close to the mountain is wonderful, but I can’t wrap my brain around temperatures like 8 degrees. Good morning! It’s 8 degrees! Now what?!? 🙂

    I’ve begun teaching my daughter at home – for now, in addition to public school – because when we moved we left behind the wonderful school in our town which taught in the classical christian style. It was very hard to leave. I was heartened to find your website, books, and to now access all the information I need to teach my child what I thought was nearly lost to us!

    Have a good day.

  • Angie

    Here’s the RSS feed for this blog:

    You can sign up for Google reader, Bloglines, or a host of other free readers that will notify you when the blog is updated. You can also add feeds for all the blogs you read. It’s much more efficient to check whether your blog favorites have been updated at one site than to visit each one.

    Looks like there are feeds for individual posts & comments, too.

  • Verity in Alberta

    We’ve just done the section in FLL where it talks about the months, relating them to the seasons. Unfortunately I had to modify the list so that winter is November through March. Oh, for some dry crusty grass and no snow:)

  • JohnH

    We had snow a while back. I got ready for work in the morning, and then I noticed that there was 1-2″ of snow on the ground, and more coming down. I pulled out my laptop, and it was work from home time. Some hot chocolate and a snowball fight break made it even better. It stuck around for two days.

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