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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

  • Fresh pasta experiment: sage tortellini with ricotta & mozzarella filling, served with browned butter. DS13 SNARFED them, vacuum-like. #
  • Release date for The History of the Medieval World! (Book's been shipping for weeks, but today's the OFFICIAL pub day=good excuse to party.) #
  • "When in trouble or in doubt/Run in circles, scream and shout." Turns into my motto every time I start getting stuff together for taxes. #
  • Tomorrow, leaving for Atlanta with DH for two nights. Today, making up schedules for kids to follow EVERY MINUTE of EVERY HOUR we're gone. #
  • Planning out interlocking kid schedules for next three days is more complicated than organizing major land war with multiple fronts. #
  • Scrolling message on gas station pump tonight: "How was your day? We hope it gets better soon!" Sounds like answer has been predetermined. #
  • Husband is currently getting the heck screened out of him at Richmond International. #
  • Just arrived in Atlanta. Plane bounced so hard that flight attendant thanked us for dropping in. #
  • At Hyatt in downtown Atlanta. VERY SCARY elevators. Also enormous hanging lobby sculpture like spider descending onto our heads.. #
  • Getting ready to talk about "Learning for a Lifetime in the Classical Tradition" at Heritage Prep School's "Lectures in the City" (Atlanta). #
  • Planning on the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta this morning. Any recommendations for a fabulous lunch place nearby? #
  • So far have not eaten a single meal in Atlanta that arrived in a timely manner. Every restaurant: long wait, server not making eye contact. #
  • Heading to the Atlanta aquarium this morning. #
  • Sitting in the Delta lounge, waiting to catch flight home. Loved Atlanta, don't want to live there. #
  • The History of the Medieval World featured at the Page 99 Test: #
  • College aid forms: Just submitted financial info to feds via FAFSA. Fail to see why I should submit it again to for-profit College Board. #

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