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Back to work (aka The Most Boring Post Ever)

Here I am, in the first week of October, getting back to work. Monday was our family day off, so yesterday was my first actual day to go down to my office and confront the History of the Middle Ages.

So I did. Sat down, started to work out where to begin again (this took a while), had an idea for reorganization, reorganized, then realized that I needed to go back through and re-order my maps so that they would be in the correct order. (I can’t write history unless I know WHERE everyone is.)

Did that. Fixed inconsistencies in my recounting of seventh-century Byzantine monarchs. Recorded the deeds of the great Bulgarian warrior-king Krum. Printed out lists of the Bulgarian kings who followed him.

Need to write about ten thousand words in the next four days.

Will let you know how that goes.

See, this is the basic problem with writers’ blogs. If you ACTUALLY record what you do, you end up with a whole lot of posts that say, “Today, I sat in front of my computer.”