• Leaving newly-21-year-old son in charge at beach house while dh & I go out on the town. Age & maturity hath its rewards. (For us, not him.) #
  • Last night, I had my very first ever Sheep Anxiety Dream. Broken gates, missing bags of feed, runaway ewes…preying velociraptor… #
  • Serendipitously, stressed-out women find it easy to comply: http://t.co/XHz7cvAc #
  • William H. Gass on the digital age: "By and large, the horse has it better than it did a century ago." http://t.co/SNYDWGMr #

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  • Sandra

    “Serendipitously…” That was very funny. So was the Sheep Anxiety Dream actually. Thank you. I needed that. (It made a nice change from grinding my teeth about my perpetually bickering children.)

  • Lisa

    Ms. Bauer,

    My family is reading your SOTW Vol 2. We are on chapter 2 and wondered why you pronounce “celts” with a /k/. I am not a scholar in this area but interested in learning why. I did a little research and it seems either is acceptable but that the /s/ sound was original. Is that true? If so, I am interested in your opinion on using the /k/. Thanks so much!

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