• Good idea: 2-week family vacation. Bad idea: Agree to speak at Texas conference the three days immediately before. #headsmack #
  • Sitting on a plane at RIC, watching a huge thunderstorm sweep down towards us. Think we might not be taking off anytime soon… #
  • Despite an hour on the RIC runway, watching it hail, I made my connecting flight in Atlanta. So still on my way to Houston. #
  • Vignette from hour on the runway: Flight attendant, excitedly, to 1st class cabin, "The wind that just shook the cabin was a 60 MPH gust!" #

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  • Adele Loria Fitzgibbons

    My children and I have been listening to the audio version of your book on the Middle Ages. Thanks for such a quick, even enjoyable run through history! However, there is no mention of the many English martyrs under “good Queen Bess”? Do your more recent writings address this?

  • Bob

    Good idea to speak at the Texas conference. You were great, I learned a lot; this experience will certainly help us with the education of our son. Much appreciated.

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