• After10+" inches rain, swimming pool water even w/ground & TEEMING w/very loud frogs. Like National Geographic special meets Exodus plagues. #
  • Midnight. After 10 inches plus in a single day, rain still solid outside. #
  • Cell & landlines gone (DSL still working). Huge tree fell beside Peace Hill Press office, sheared off power/phone/DSL; we'll be out a while. #
  • DSL now out. So no phones, cell, power, or Internet. Texting only connection w/outside world. #
  • Can get web access on iPhone for about 3 minutes at a time if I lean out of 3rd floor window & point it north. #
  • When power's out, best thing to do is work on 12th-century Aristotelian dialectic in theology…OK, that didn't even sound convincing to me. #
  • Making cookies. Again. If power doesn't come on soon I will need a new and larger wardrobe. (But at least it will be clean.) #
  • Dominion Power restoration estimate went from Saturday between 5 & 11 PM to "There is currently no estimate for your area." NOT A GOOD SIGN. #
  • Power! Power power power power power power! #

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  • Alice@Supratentorial

    Glad you are all safe. Up here in NoVA we escaped much of the storm.

    I saw this in the New Yorker and thought of your apology book. Maybe it will make you laugh amongst the mess.


  • anna

    Hi susan, Glad you are safe. Here in Christchurch we have endured two devastating earthquakes in the last year so we know a bit about how you are feeling.
    Tonight at bedtime I was telling my nine year old sons (avid readers of your history of the world series) about Dietrich Bonhoeffer. They were enthralled and wanted me to find them a book about him I have hunted for an hour for a childrens biography of bonhoeffer and can’t find one. Do you know of anything? Thought of writing one?
    Best wishes

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