Whatever you think of Amazon (it’s saving the midlist novel and destroying the independent bookseller…making the bookstore irrelevant and rescuing book-deprived buyers in rural America…bringing on the apocalypse and allowing readers to find obscure books that would otherwise die), it certainly provides food for thought for us writers.

Here’s the most recent “whoa!” moment, provided to me by Amazon…when I signed on, I got one of those “recommendation” pages. And here it is. Look at the Story of the World, Volume 2…and the other titles viewed along with it.

Makes me think there’s a subtext I’m not aware of…

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  • Tom

    This is interesting. I drop by every now and then. You have such a following that your posts almost always get immediate commentary or at least on the same day. You posted this on the 4th and today is the 8th with no comments. I wonder if the S word crosses the comfort line for your readers? But if “customers also bought” the sex books along with yours, they must be somewhat comfortable. Strange.

    Anyway, yeah, the Amazon thing is kind of funny.

  • Susan

    Well, it entertained ME. 🙂


  • Kirsten

    I believe those are probably coming up with your Story of the World books because those books are part of the electives in Sonlight curriculum, which also uses the Story of the World books in cores 6 and 7. So, those moms piecing together their Sonlight curriculum, are buying both (or at least looking at both).
    It does make an interesting grouping…

  • Lindsey

    Who ever said history wasn’t spicy? 😀

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