• Feels like fall: dry and bright and clear. Looks like fall: long shadows and bluejay sky. #
  • Mumford & Sons is currently making the political history of the Renaissance much more interesting. #
  • Whole house just shook, lights & fans swung, TV shifted, windows & rafters groaned. DD10: "Oh, I thought it was just Dan coming downstairs." #
  • Heading to the airport with second son: off to college for freshman year. #
  • There's a buffalo outside my hotel window. #
  • DS17 happily unpacking in new dorm room; DH and I heading for a self-congratulatory dinner in St. Louis. 2 in college, 2 to go. #
  • The northern edge of Irene: Rain and some pretty noisy winds at 8 AM in SE Virginia; tops of the trees are thrashing hard. #
  • First power blink, and we're still eight hours or so from height of storm. Fabulous. #
  • Road totally underwater, cell phone not working, sounds of large things crashing down in the woods all around, losing Monopoly to boot. #
  • Nine inches of rain so far today. #

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  • Nicole Duvall

    Just wondering…where is DS #2 studying? Congratulations, by the way!

  • Liz B

    I remember reading something you wrote (can’t remember where) about age 19 being ideal for the first year of college. I believe you referenced your own experience at W&M with college freshmen as one of the reasons. I’m just curious about what led to your decision to send kid 2 off at 17?

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