• "The problem isn't the tests…the problem is the carrots and sticks tied to them." Thanks @countspongebob: http://t.co/XIGAE9M #
  • Airline pilots who look like they're seventeen do not fill me with confidence. #
  • Writing history w/synonyms. Contention, conflict, strife, struggle, quarrel, dispute, fight, battle, combat, scuffle, brawl, melee, fray… #
  • Time to explain the Investiture Controversy. Again. #
  • Yes, I actually wrote, "He pacified the princes by making peace with the pope." This is why you should always read your stuff out loud. #
  • I have an iPhone! #

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  • Janice in NJ

    If you enjoying stargazing with a group, may I recommend “Star Walk” for your iphone? You can share what you are looking at with ease.

    The Milky Way was unbelievable last night…..

    Have fun with your new toy!


  • Lindsey

    I had a question. Do you have a set amount of words, pages, or a particular time allotment for writing/researching/editing? Or do you cram as much as you can into a given day and wake up to do it over again? I’m just curious as to how you gauge a successful day, how you keep track of your progress.
    And do you still teach at W&M? I’m visiting around local colleges this coming year and I think having you as a teacher would be a hoot! 🙂

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