• Just got smeared at Settlers of Catan. Again. #
  • New grammar resources (exciting for those of us who are grammar geeks): http://t.co/hKjh4Sb #
  • Finishing school w/kids this morning, then packing for Philly conference; 2 days talking about how to teach clear writing & good history. #
  • Waiting at Richmond station for train to PA. Freight train just went thru with string of cars marked MOLTEN SULFUR: DO NOT TAP. No worries. #
  • Wires are down between Philly and NY, so train is temporarily halted in DC. Hey, I have a row to myself, power, laptop, and food. All good. #
  • And we're on the road (track) again. #
  • Heading back through Valley Forge for the second day of conferencing/lecturing/signing/talking/collapsing. #

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