I just came across this grammar review site. It was put together (according to the site itself) “by teaching professionals to help students and teachers gain more information and preparation” for the New York State English Language Arts test, given to fourth grades as part of New York’s standards testing.


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  • J

    *ack* I literally cringed.

  • MacBeth

    It will help the 4th graders accel on the test. 😉

  • Deborah

    Also not a good sign: the fact that it took me two full readings to get this.

    I’ve been spending entirely too much time on the interwebs.

  • Gerald Liles

    You think since we’re presenting ourselves as an authority on grammar we should double-check that tricky affect/effect usage? (beat) Nah…

  • Charlie Park

    Reminds me of when I went to inquire about writing for the college newspaper, and saw a recruiting poster on the door to the office: “Come be apart of our staff!”

    I turned around immediately.

    (Also: There’s some internet law that says that I’ll have an unintentional typo / homophone substitution somewhere in here. Not looking forward to seeing it five seconds after I hit “submit” on the comment box.)

  • Sharon Wheeless

    Okay, I’m blaming my lack of comprehension on sleep deprivation. What’s the problem?

  • Sharon Wheeless

    Never mind. I got it now. I still need coffee.

  • GPaisley

    @Sharon: Maybe you just need coughy. 🙂

  • Katie Adams

    A few weeks ago our nearby public elementary school had a sign out front that read:

    “Good Luck Students on Your SOL’s!”

    And they wonder why we sigh….

  • Nikki

    That made me cringe… and convinced me yet again that our decision to homeschool was a good one.

  • GardenMom

    They should edit there sines allot.

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