• Back from California. Heading to New York for BookExpo. Tweets from the floor forthcoming. #
  • Eating potato pancakes at Ben's Kosher Deli & Restaurant on West 38th. Need carbs in order to go set up the Peace Hill Press booth at BEA. #
  • Photos from the first day of BEA: https://susanwisebauer.com/publicity/from-the-floor-of-bookexpoamerica-day-1/ #
  • Day Two at BookExpoAmerica: https://susanwisebauer.com/publicity/from-the-floor-of-bookexpoamerica-day-2/ #
  • Gate agent at LGA: "The lavatory on this aircraft is nonfunctional. Please use facilities at gate before boarding." Not a good sign. #
  • Life expectancy of a French manicure in New York: 7 days (with care). On a Charles City farm: Approximately 7.25 hours. Ask me how I know. #
  • I want to go running. I want to go running. I want to go running. Nope, that's not working. #
  • Coated myself with three different chemicals to get through my morning run unbitten and unburnt. Ah, summer in Virginia. #

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