• Sleet! #
  • Let me try this one more time: READ something FIRST. REVIEW it SECOND. #
  • SNOW! #
  • Making creme brulee. Because I haven't gotten to use a blowtorch in way too long. #
  • Heading out for a very long run, not unrelated to last night's creme brulee. #
  • It turns out I suddenly find myself needing to know the plural of apocalypse. #
  • In my office this morning. Wearing the fingerless gloves to type AGAIN. Oh, spring, what have we done to offend you? #
  • Only click if you're interested in kerfluffle: http://www.welltrainedmind.com/publishers-statement-olive-branch-books-and-telling-gods-story #
  • Oh, yeah, right, I'm a writer. Today, I am writing. #
  • Leaving on a jet plane…aka teensy commuter plane that will get tossed around like a Ping-pong ball by the elements. Fun stuff. #
  • Talked all day w/educators, parents, & students at Midwest Education Convention. Packed workshop rooms, full exhibit hall, not enough food. #

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  • Angela Martin

    I have no problem with this curriculum (“Telling God’s Story”). I was glad to see Peter Enns statement, but because he is personally connected with Biologos, he needs to come out with a clear statement of where he stands on creation. Biologos admits they are inclined to believe in theistic evolution (that is, they say it is closest to what they believe). Where does that place Mr. Enns? Asserting what one believes about the divinity of Christ is a fine thing, but attempting to focus on that while ignoring what he does or does not believe concerning the origin of the world will only lead to more accusations. And chiding others for asserting that Mr. Enns is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” only adds more fuel to the fire.

    As I stated previously, I have no problem with the curriculum, but I certainly identify with those questioning the orthodoxy of any professing believer who may not believe in a literal six-day creation of the earth. Mr. Enns can easily clear this up, but his beliefs on this issue continue to remain shrouded in secrecy, it will call into question the beliefs of the publisher as well.

  • Susan

    Angela, I don’t want to misunderstand you. It sounds like you’re saying that all Christian believers must affirm a literal six day creation. Is that what you mean? Because if so, I think that’s setting up a standard that goes even beyond what Answers in Genesis says on their statement of faith: “The scientific aspects of creation are important, but are secondary in importance to the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ as Sovereign, Creator, Redeemer, and Judge.”

  • Sylvia C

    Where there is chaos, there is profit.
    All publicity is good publicity.
    Kerfluffle is cute. 🙂

  • Ashley McG

    You’ve got me wondering about the plural of apocalypse. Would it be apocalypses? (Sounds like an earth-shattering punctuation mark …)

  • Capt Uhura

    Hi Susan,

    I know you’ve been following our sadness over the cancelation of the Northeast Conference. I’ve spoken with Dr. Kemnitz at RFWP and he is attempting to set up something for Philadelphia. You would make my (our) year if you could please, please visit with us. I hope Dr. K will be contacting you or you him. You do so much for the homeschooling community, I’m not sure what we can do for you in return….. bring you deserts? Buy you dinner?

    I hope you will consider meeting a few dedicated WTMers in Philadelphia!

    Capt Uhura

  • Kristen Seguin

    I had never heard of you until I happened upon the workshop you posted pictures of. 🙂 I’ve homeschooled for several years and this was also my first conference. Upon arriving back home I began researching your work online. I, of course, knew of the controversies but I did not know who else it involved other than the speaker who was disinvited. I just wanted to send a note of support and hope that this all goes away soon and those that seek out to diminish and defame others are stopped. I have added “A Well Trained Mind” to my list of Kindle books I want to buy. 🙂

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