Normally I try to take a lot of pictures at conventions, but I talked so nonstop to so many people that I fell down on the job. I only managed to snag two photos of oneof my workshop rooms…the left hand side

and the right hand side.

This was my third conference in six weeks…and now I get to stay home and write.

Update on THAT coming soon.

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  • Gaby Brucker

    Looks like your room was much better than the room you had in Atlanta. Hope it was a great convention with not all the controversy that the SC convention had.

  • John Purchase

    Dear Ms. Bauer,
    I loved THE HISTORY OF THE ANCIENT WORLD and I’m looking forward to the medieval book. It’s my considered opinion the you should write a western civ. text. Students would actually enjoy the course.
    I’ll read anything you write.

    All the best,
    John Purchase
    New York

  • Tanya

    Susan, Is it just me or do your pictures show up VERY long & blurry for everybody else?

  • Stacey

    I want to send you a love letter and a bouquet of roses. Thank you for sharing your writing philosophy (that makes so much sense) and for writing books that so fit our family. We love it! I was just at Cincy and appreciate you coming and speaking.

  • Sebastian (a lady)

    Loved hearing and seeing you last week in Cincinnati. After eight years of homeschooling, mostly overseas, it was an incredible treat.
    I told my older kids that Susan Wise Bauer said I needed to lighten up on them a bit on writing assignments. They thought it was a late April Fool’s Joke. (I think I finally convinced them.)

    FWIW, I had initially ignored Peter Enns in the speaker schedule because I was focused on academic and not Christian workshops. I really enjoyed the workshop of his that I attended and found talking to him at the booth a delight and a challenge. We listened to another of his workshops on the drive home. It was a message about the Long Dark Night of the Soul that I really needed to hear. So in a way, I’m glad that the kerfluffle brought him to my attention.

    ps. I hope you got some heavy duty chocolate therapy in after the last session.

  • Laura in Columbus

    My kids will be dancing in the streets when I start to implement your writing suggestions. I can’t believe I succumbed to the “writing must be complicated” camp. I’m not sure if I’ll make it to Cincy again next year, but it was certainly worth it this year.

  • Kayla

    Wow, I’m in the second picture! Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed (loved!) your sessions. Thank you. I actually drove from Saskatchewan, Canada to attend the Midwest Convention. Totally worth it!

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