• Foggy morning; tops of orange-yellow trees jutting up above the white and glowing with early sun, #
  • Kids are jumping into six-foot leaf pile with shrieks of joy. #
  • Trying to finish up work so the holiday can start… #
  • Hello, holiday! #
  • At Staples Mill Amtrak station, waiting for Northeast 85. So is everyone else in Richmond, apparently. #
  • Heading to Williamsburg to take DS17 to work. Running the Turkey Trot while I'm there: http://btb5k.kalerunning.com. Say hi if you see me. #
  • Next year I really want one of those turkey hats to wear while I'm running. #
  • Have been called Auntie Sue all day. Makes me feel like aged Dust Bowl spinster with steel-grey curls and calico apron. #
  • This evening: Crayfish fritters with my brother at the Trellis, with Father Christmas outside in Merchants Square alarming small children. #
  • It came, a flower bright / Amid the cold of winter/ When half-spent was the night. #

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  • Christina

    We were in your neck of the woods for Thanksgiving. If I had seen you I certainly would have said,”Hi!” I hope your run was great. And your Thanksgiving, too!

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