• John Michael Talbot has the TV series Leverage marked as a "Like" on Facebook. So do I. This totally made my day. #
  • Hoping this will be a normal week. Whatever that is. #
  • Audios from Regent Vancouver lectures up now: http://www.regentaudio.com/RGDL4022S. #
  • National Book Awards go to Kathryn Erskine, Terrance Hayes, Patti Smith, Jaimy Gordon (@nationalbook). Feel need to cite Ecclesiates 9:11. #
  • I. Am. Tired. OK, back to work. #
  • DS17 is now a licensed driver. Lock up your, um, selves. #
  • Does anyone in Charles City/Williamsburg OWN a black bow tie? (Because requiring nervous 14yo violinist to play in one makes PERFECT sense.) #

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  • Chris Valdivia

    Hello Mrs. Bauer

    Just wanted to thank you for your excellent book on the medieval
    world. I bought it at Borders over the weekend and am loving it.Well done!


    Chris Valdivia, Phoenix, AZ

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