• Lots of emails piled up from last week. If you're waiting to hear from me…you might wait a little longer… #
  • This morning it's me, Pandora, and middle-grade writing lessons. #
  • OK, enough writing and grammar for one day. Going to go ride my enormous cowardly draft horse while the kids are still having room time. #
  • Just helped Grammy replant two rows of strawberries, in November dusk under a fingernail moon. #
  • The German shepherd has just spent thirty-five solid minutes licking out the scrambled egg pan. #
  • Best explanation of semicolons ever: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/semicolon #
  • Last night I dreamed that we had two pet moose named Gleek & Freak who kept escaping on Sunday mornings during church. Care to deconstruct? #
  • I am writing this morning. But what I really want to do is buy shoes. #
  • Saw very old & dear friends today; far away but not distant, because whenever we meet it's clear we are still travelling on parallel paths. #
  • Regular deer season starts today. Run, Bambi. Run. #
  • DH heading off to play in the Charles City Ministers vs. Deacons basketball game. Holiness will undoubtedly be on view. #

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  • Amy T.

    “….. in November dusk under a fingernail moon.” You should be a writer or something. 🙂

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