• At UVA Parent Orientation while DS18 off doing First-Year Orientation. So far, much more helpful than anticipated. #
  • Difficulty balancing obligation to go to all orientation sessions w/desire to wander around C'ville holding hands w/husband. #
  • It is much more exhausting to be a parent of a college freshman than to BE a college freshman. #
  • Once again I have not read a single title on the Booker shortlist. #
  • Baskin-Robbins chocolate soda w/peanutbutter-chocolate icecream, basil pesto with homemade pasta: summer is good despite triple-digit temps. #
  • Guises and Bourbons and de Medicis, oh my. #
  • Francis, Duke of Guise, was assassinated with a pistol "loaded with poisoned balls." How do you poison balls?? #
  • Today is a day of many meetings. Which was fun for Frodo but doesn't promise to be fun for me. #
  • A cool morning makes me feel like a new person. #
  • Working on Thirty Years' War. Teeny lingering optimism about human nature not destroyed by History of Medieval World now eradicated. #

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  • Alex

    Do you know what you’re going to title the new history book?

  • Ruth in NC

    We gave in and walked around Chapel Hill during DS’s orientation. The sessions just weren’t that useful for us and DS had already found some new friends. And college campuses are so inviting, big trees and lawns, and that library smell. Umm.

  • Lindsey

    Technology bodes well for me on nights like these, when I can find blogs in just a few minutes just using Google. My dad mentioned your blog to me and I honestly didn’t know you had one until I dug it up for myself, and what a pleasure to be bidding you bonjour! Really, it was funny timing; I’m going to be applying to colleges soon and work has begun on my transcripts, and we’re using the suggested outline you have in the updated edition of “The Well-Trained Mind” for what to call each course, what to label a year of literature (aka “Victorian Lit.” and the like), and we were so grateful to have that wise guideline because I’m only Kid #2, and this is the first time we’ve had a transcript computer program which gives suggestions but not actual labels like you did. Such a relief to have such accessible tools, making this hectic process flow smoother than it would otherwise! I mentioned having the transcript outlines on my personal blog but didn’t mention your name explicitly; simply a reference.
    I can totally sympathize about the ice cream; best part of summer. Hope yours is going well!

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