• DH is beating me at Settlers. #
  • 78 degrees at 6 AM. Blech. #
  • Last leg of DS18's flight home bumped from 11 PM arrival to 12:42 AM arrival. Smacking myself on head to stay awake. #
  • He's home, he's home, he's home! #
  • Celebrating DS18's arrival home with bacon, eggs, and biscuits for lunch (which is when he woke up). #
  • Have said, "Hey, don't do that in the house WATCH OUT!" approximately forty-five times since 11 AM. #
  • Went for six-mile run in Chantilly. Got lost. Six-mile run turned into 12-mile run. At least I've got endorphins coming out my ears. #
  • In greenroom at the Teaching Company, looking over notes before I try to lecture on camera for the first time. #
  • That blinking red camera light keeps MOVING. Huh. #
  • What I really need is a teleprompter to follow me around. Then I'd never be at a loss for words. Or say anything unplanned and stupid. #
  • One of the wonderful things about being an adult: grown-up meal at grown-up restaurant following full day of work. Who'd go back? #
  • At end of long day, having frustrating time w/someone else's manuscript. Need to climb into nice soft puffy hotel bed & watch Hell's Kitchen #
  • Investigating chanson de geste cycles. #
  • Today's discovery: it's easier to read poetry written in medieval French than banking histories written in modern English. #
  • Getting ready to drag DS13 out of bed for an early morning horseback ride. #
  • Making breakfast cookies. Most wonderful recipe ever. #
  • Just been out with DD9 and friend and goat-devil-spawn-in-equine-form–sorry, meant to type PONY but fingers got away from me. #
  • Have just completed the weekly ritual of the Despidering of the Office (small disadvantage to working in chicken-shed office in summer). #
  • Grr. I have totally lost my voice, thanks to virus brought HOME from the doctor's office. That's not right. #

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  • TaraTheLiberator

    So do we get the recipe for the breakfast cookies??

  • Kerry O'Brien Wilson

    Hi Susan — we just moved into a house that is about 10 minutes from Dulles. If you ever need a place to stay when you’re out and about, or want a cup of coffee, please feel free to come by! I can send you the address.

    I’m enjoying your blog. Glad to see that Christopher is home! Our best to the family.


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